More than 80 years of experience and excellency in processing brass, bronze and copper semi-finished products in Romania.

The first Romanian factory to laminate and plate metals

Started laminating and plating metals as “FAROLA”, funded by a group of Austrian investors.

Copper and copper alloys semi-finished products

In 1938, the company “VULCAN” – Bucharest purchases “Noua Societate a Atelierelor Vulcan” [New Company of Vulcan Shops] – Satu Mare and founds “LAROMET” – Romanian Metal Mills, headquartered in Bucharest.

Modernizing and specializing the factory

The factory experiences several development and modernization stages and mainly specializes in extruded copper and copper alloys products.

Joint Stock Commercial Company

LAROMET was incorporated through Government Resolution as a joint stock company under the name of S.C. LAROMET S.A., whose majority stockholder was the Romanian State.

Privatization, restructuring, modernization

After taking over the majority stake, TRIP MATERIALS AG, Switzerland set clear objectives which it has accomplished. Guided by a new concept on the use of spaces and capacities, all equipment and machines were relocated to the New House, and maximum efficiency flows and circulation were created. Read more

Modern factory in Brasov

Beginning with 2008, LAROMET built and commissioned a new and modern factory in Brasov which produces bars, profiles, tubes, wire, forged pieces and other products which are available on demand.

Casting unit near Bucharest

In 2013, LAROMET commissioned a new casting unit near Bucharest which manufactures bars, tubes and brass and bronze ingots, using vertical and horizontal continuous casting, centrifugal casting and ingot casting.

Laromet - semifabricate din alamă, bronz și cupru

Modernization and investment

In 2018, LAROMET began an ambitious modernizing process and invested in equipment, automatization and statistical process control.

New ERP and digitization

Nowadays, LAROMET is in the middle of a vast process to implement a new ERP system, as well as in an intense stage to digitize and automatize processes.


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